Illumina is a developer of education software and system tools.

Best software by Illumina

Illumina GenomeStudio Genotyping Module
The GenomeStudio Genotyping (GT) Module supports the analysis of Infinium.
Illumina Sequencing Analysis Viewer
It allows you to view important quality metrics generated by the RTA software.
Illumina GenomeStudio Methylation Module
With this module you can detect cytosine methylation at single-base resolution.

Popular programs by Illumina

Powerful data analysis component of Eco.
Illumina KaryoStudio
Program for cytogeneticists to detect aberrations in the genome.
Illumina GenomeStudio ChIP Sequencing Module
The GenomeStudio Framework displays data output in tabular form.
Illumina GenomeStudio DNA Sequencing Module
It empowers efficient data analysis for whole-genome sequencing experiments.
Illumina GenomeStudio RNA Sequencing Module
The RNA Sequencing Module supports data analysis for transcriptome sequencing.

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